Project Leader: Christos Chinopoulos, MD, PhD
Semmelweis University
Department of Medical Biochemistry
Unlike Western blots, RPPA does not resolve protein fractions by molecular weight, thus, the reliability of this technique depends critically on antibody monospecificity. This is because the signal could be generated from unspecific primary or secondary antibody binding. Antibodies will be first validated for specificity and performance by conventional Western blotting, followed by RPPA. A Pearson correlation of >0.7 between WB and RPPA data from the same samples deems an antibody 'valid for RPPA'.
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Project Leader: Christos Chinopoulos, MD, PhD
In this link we will be posting the list of antibodies that were found to be valid for RPPA. We welcome collaborators to submit their antibodies or samples for validation.
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